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In this week’s episode of ACTS in Motion, Pate Brendle shares how his love for people has led to a priority on relationships and a meaningful life for him. 

Also, we’d like to thank Alex of ‘Songs for Story‘ for allowing us to use his music.




What’s the fastest car you’ve ever owned?

The fastest car I every owned was a 1969 Trump 250 sports car. It was a beautiful Canary yellow with tan interior and a tan rag top. I owned it in college and often, when feeling my youthful prowess, I would drive it far beyond the speed limit. I sometimes reflect on that time of my life and wonder how I “survived” those times.  


The hardest part of setting an object in motion is starting (0-60 mph). When do you first recall saying ‘yes’ to what you sensed God was asking you to do? What factors helped you overcome the inertia of ‘staying put’?

I felt like God “encouraged” me to help the team finance the new building for ACTS Church Lakeway. My father-in-law was one of the founders of the then CROSSBRIDGE church in Lakeway. He and 35 other members actually started the church which met in the Lakeway Middle School cafeteria. When he was on longer able to drive I would take him to church. Those sessions became very special to me. 
So when we  began to look at a proper building site for our new ACTS church God, gave me direction to assist in its development. That was truly one of the best “investments” I have ever made. I have been very blessed for it


If you had two minutes to tell someone the story of what God has been up to, through you, what details would you be sure to include?

I think it is a blessing that has been blessed by God for our church to grow as it has. I am one of the Greeters there and get great joy from meeting attendees every Sunday. It is especially rewarding to see our new families attend and enjoy the camaraderie of others who share the faith. They immediately become one of our ACTS Church families. There is a universal feeling of joy in our Church when we gather.


Psychologist Susan David, who grew up under apartheid in South Africa, says, “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” What disruption or discomfort has led to your engagement in meaningful mission?

I think the disruption that has lead me to a meaningful mission has to be my lack of a true purpose in my earlier life. Now being active in the outreach events of the church, either helping with our Fall Pumpkin Patch or traveling to Guatemala and Nicaragua to assist with the locals in helping to make their lives better or in our efforts over Christmas to decorate outside trees for local Lakeway residents who cannot physically do so, has given me a true sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Over the last 3 years, what new belief or behavior has most changed your life?

Over the past 3 years, I have truly come to believe in the “power of prayer”. I have experienced several physical ailments of my own, including recent heart surgery. Some of my dearest friends and comrades have “passed” during this time. Prayer for my recovery and the blessing of peace for their families and their souls gives us all peace that only God can provide. 


Newton’s first law states: A body will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. Can you pinpoint any external forces that sent you off your previous course?

This may sound a little trite but, My lovely wife and talented son have been the major forces for “keeping me on the course”. I am reminded every day of the many blessings they have brought me. I pray to God every morning for those blessings and that as a family live as God would wish. 

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