ACTS in Motion – Episode 17 with Julius Heitkoetter

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In this week’s episode of ACTS in Motion, High School student Julius Heitkoetter shares how he has learned the power of caring for his fellow classmates and how he continues to hear the voice of God in the teen years.

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What’s the fastest car you’ve ever owned?

I personally have never owned a car yet, but my parents own a model S tesla that is really fun to ride in.  


The hardest part of setting an object in motion is starting (0-60 mph). When do you first recall saying ‘yes’ to what you sensed God was asking you to do? What factors helped you overcome the inertia of ‘staying put’?

I really started to say yes after a mission trip with ACTS as a middle school in San Antonio. I think that was my first out of town service project and it was there where I saw God working through so many people and it helped me understand what He was asking me to do. Later I took confirmation class and the more I learned about him and the more mission and service trips I went to, the easier it was for me to say yes.


If you had two minutes to tell someone the story of what God has been up to, through you, what details would you be sure to include?

I think it is a blessing that has been blessed by God for our church to grow as it has. I am one of the Greeters there and get great joy from meeting I’ve always had the ability to talk to people, weather in groups or individually. And a lot of the time I feel called to just act as a friend to someone who needs one, and I have made a lot of now good friends through that. My other major point would probably be through service. Every chance I get I try to go on service projects or help volunteer at the community, but most of the time, service for me can just be something that’s a 2 minute job: helping someone find their class, answering a question someone asked about a homework, or (tying back to the first point) just being a friendly face for the person sitting next to you.


Psychologist Susan David, who grew up under apartheid in South Africa, says, “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” What disruption or discomfort has led to your engagement in meaningful mission?

In my San Antonio mission trip, our main service project was to build wheelchair ramps and wheelchair accessible doorways for a brother and sister. A year ago the sister was unable to walk anymore because of a medical condition and they couldn’t afford to get her to a place to care for her. So her brother who had this tiny home, gave it to his sister and moved out into his gardening shed where he slept at night. When we finished he was so so thankful and happy that he invited us over for a very large dinner where he grilled some very good ribs. Later that week when I went home, all I could think about was how much that man gave, and in comparison how little others give. And that really motivated me to spend a lot of time thinking about God’s work and in service.


Over the last 3 years, what new belief or behavior has most changed your life?

Over the past three years, the two main beliefs that have changed my life is that a smiling and a wave can go a long way in alot of people’s lives and that no matter what is going on, God has a plan and a use for everyone and everything.


Newton’s first law states: A body will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. Can you pinpoint any external forces that sent you off your previous course?

About after 6 months after my confirmation class ended I start to slip away a bit from God’s plan. I can’t pinpoint it to any specific external factor, but I stopped making Him part of my everyday life. I got very involved in the world and it’s problems and I stopped seeing how he was there through those hardships. I finally started reading a bit of the bible every day and writing things down about it, and that really threw light on that it’s all just his plan. That all gave me a new, stronger perspective on what’s happening in the world around me and the problems that today’s society faces.

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